The 46th SHPA National Conference
1–3 December 2022  BCEC, brisbane, qld
Home Abstracts Information for presenters
Home Abstracts Information for presenters

Information for presenters

Information for Poster presenters

SHPA recognise the importance and value of poster presentations. Here are a few handy tips to help you get the most out of your poster presentation at MM2022.

  • Include your email address and/or other contact details on your poster. That way delegates can follow up with you on your work after the conference.
  • Ensure you are available and in attendance at your designated poster viewing time to answer questions and discuss aspects of your poster.
  • Highlight the important parts of your poster and have brief talking points prepared for when delegates visit your poster.
  • We strongly recommend displaying your twitter handle and/or LinkedIn profile on your poster to increase engagement opportunities for those interested in your poster. The conference hashtag is #MM2022SHPA - don't forget to give us a shout out too!

Poster design tips

  • Your poster should be legible from 1-2 meters away 
  • Use familiar fonts that are easy to read 
  • Use text ‘hierarchy’, i.e., titles in 70pt, headings in 40-60pt and body text in 24-48t 
  • Bullets, numbering and headings make content easy to read 
  • Adopt a consistent and clear layout 
  • Graphics and contrasting colours enhance visual appeal 
  • Embrace empty space.  A clear and uncrowded layout assists in poster legibility 
  • General rule for poster design: 20% text, 40% graphics, 40% white/empty space 
  • Consider the sequence of information on your poster; make it obvious to the viewer.  The natural way to read and digest information is top to bottom, then left to right 

Poster board display

  • Each poster is limited in size to 841 millimetres wide x 1189 millimetres high (standard AO size)  
  • Your poster must be portrait orientation
  • Please note, posters larger than the above dimensions or posters in landscape orientation, cannot be accommodated. If your poster does not meet these requirements, it will not be displayed.  
  • Poster boards will be Velcro receptive boards. 
  • In the interest of sustainability, please do not print copies of your poster or other information, as delegates have access to your poster in PDF format and contact details on the MM2022 app.  Any printed materials will be removed and disposed of. 

Conference app

The Conference app has been designed to enhance the interaction between poster presenters and conference delegates. All conference delegates will have the opportunity to view PDF versions of posters in the app during and after MM2022. The app includes a searchable library of posters linked to presenters and with functionalities to save posters and send posters by email.

information for Lightning talk presenters

Lightning talks enable the audience to review as many potentially exciting ideas as possible in a short space of time. They are not meant to provide the detail required for the audience to reproduce your work. They are there to inspire the audience to search out your poster.  

Lightning talks are restricted to 3 minutes (total) and time limits will be strictly enforced. Your microphone will turn off at 3 minutes even if you haven’t finished your presentation. 

You may present your work with or without slides. If you choose to use presentation slides, there is a 3 slide maximum, i.e. no more than 3 slides in 3 minutes. All slides must contain fixed text only; no animations or videos are permitted. Placing the title of your presentation (poster) somewhere on the first slide is a good idea.  

Please note that there can be only one presenter for each Lightning Talk presentation.  

Time is limited so focus on important results (or novel approaches) and less so on the details for achieving those results. Do not simply copy your poster! Each slide should have large, legible font and not too many lines of text. 

The goal is to promote your research, case study or practice improvement project to a wider audience and stimulate thinking and discussion about the problem. Provide an overview that will inspire your audience to learn more about your work.  

Provide contact information so people can follow up with you. Consider having your contact details either as a footnote on each slide or as the main focus of a slide. Remember too, you have the option to include your email address with your abstract in the conference book of abstracts, so you may want to remind the audience of this. 

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